The T02 Titanium Tactical Bifold Wallet was designed for the outdoor enthusiast that loves to keep things clean and needs to have tools easily accessible. There are over 14 functions built in. The Dango MT02 Multi-Tool slides into the cavity where the cards sit. When engaged, the multi-tool can nest securely into the safety locks built into the wallet chassis- allowing for easy sawing, cutting and protection. Common tools are built in: hexes, paracord cutter, nail pryer, serrated/sharpened edge and even a phone stand. We thought of everything and think that you will be pleased with all of the functions built into such a small package.

The Dango MT02 Multi-Tool is made from high carbon, heat treated, corrosion resistant stainless steel and it is included with the T02 Titanium Tactical Bifold Wallet.

Wallet Specifications:
Card capacity: up to 12 cards (less with multi-tool)
Dimensions: 4.375"w x 2.75"h x .75"thick
- Genuine leather
- Silicone wallet band
- Titanium wallet frame
- Stainless steel multi-tool
- Stainless Steel screws
Weight: 6oz

The Titanium Capsule is designed to be taken with you on your daily adventures. Small enough to not get in the way and large enough to keep your small EDC essentials protected from the elements.  

  • Waterproof up to 1000 feet
  • Machined from 100% Titanium (food safe)
  • Comes equipped with Quad Loop Secure Cap to give you options on how you tether it to your gear
  • Jet Black Dual Loop Paracord included
  • Made in USA

Internal Dimension: 13.5mm x 21.8mm 

Pockets & bands available in multiple colors & configurations:

Includes the Titanium Dango Capsule, Dual Loop Paracord, as well as an additional Grey Silicone Wallet Band.

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