Pack the T02 along with Dango Tether & a bonus grey silicone wallet band
  • Cobra weave for durability and a clean look
  • High quality 550 paracord
  • Strong metal clasp to keep your items tethered
  • Each tether is 6 inches woven and 10 feet when unraveled

The Dango MT02 Multi-Tool is made from high carbon, heat treated, corrosion resistant stainless steel and it is included with the T01 Tactical Wallet.

Wallet Specifications:
Card capacity: up to 12 cards (less with multi-tool)
Dimensions: 4.375"w x 2.75"h x .75"thick
- Genuine leather
- Silicone wallet band
- Titanium wallet frame
- Stainless steel multi-tool
- Stainless Steel screws
Weight: 6oz

Pockets & bands available in multiple colors & configurations:

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