The Dango Belt is an ultra lightweight traditional leather belt with a modern twist. Its modularity and contemporary design makes it a perfect fit for any outfit - just swap the removable buckle with different color straps. In addition, the buckle has a built-in emergency capsule to carry small and useful survival goods such as pills, matches, a small magnesium stick, fishing line, small fishing hooks and more.

  • Ultra lightweight and high strength 7075 Aluminum buckle.
  • Tumbled finish.
  • The buckle is comprised of 7 individual machined parts - made and assembled in the USA.
  • Bolted together with 8 stainless steel mil-spec screws.  
  • The strap is handmade with Italian Veg-tan leather in USA.
  • Built in storage capsule (0.3" inner diameter x 1.9" internal height).
  • Easily removable buckle and leather strap for modularity.  No tools are required to change the buckle between straps.  

Dango Products wanted to make an uncompromising belt that is an everyday carry essential for those who pay close attention to the details. Our belt is produced, and handmade in the USA with  3.4mm weight thickness veg-tan Italian leather straps and a CNC-machined 7075 aluminum buckle.
Available in two colors:  
  • Jet Black Italian veg-tan
  • Whiskey Brown Italian veg tan



  • Handmade with Italian Veg-tan leather in USA
  • Stainless steel hardware
  • Universal fit for most belt widths (Maximum: 2.1 inches)
  • Jet Black Italian veg-tan
  • Whiskey Brown Italian veg tan
This is a great accessory to the Dango Belt and can also be used independently as a key fob. Keep your tethering secure with the Dango Belt Fob. Instead of hooking your keys and gear on your pant belt loop (which can rip if pulled hard enough) , secure them onto your belt for a much stronger post. 
The Dango Belt Fob is handmade in USA with Italian Veg-tan leather and uses stainless steel hardware.

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