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We CNC'd each pen in the USA from 6061 aerospace grade aluminum and anodized each pen to provide a durable finish. For the ink, we used the highly regarded Schmidt 4889M ball point pressurized ink refill allowing you to write upside down without any change in ink flow.

Dango Pen Features:

    • Made in USA
    • CNC'd 6061 aerospace grade aluminum 
    • Anodized finish for a long lasting, durable coating
    • Schmidt 4889M black ink refill (Made in Germany)  
      Compatible with Fisher space ink refills as well.  
    • Slotted end, allowing attach points for keyrings, lanyards, etc.  
    • Silicone o-rings for grip 
    • The dango pen includes a matching parcord lanyard for the barrel's slotted end as well as a 48 page P01 notebook

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