Matter Number: Dango.003A
Application Number: 16/250,310
Publication Number: US2020-0229557 A1

Matter Number: Dango.003A3
Application Number: 16/659,627
Patent Pending

Matter Number: Dango.001D
Application Number: 29/666,728
Patent Number: D866,964

Matter Number: Dango.001D
Application Number: 29/666,729
Patent Number: D868,463

Mt03 Multi-tool and Money Clip (Seperable Tool and Clip Combination)
Matter Number: Dango.004D
Application Number: 29/677,124
Patent Number: D893,975

Matter Number: Dango.005D1
Application Number: 29/679,715
Patent Number: D887,708 

M1 Maverick Rail Wallet
Matter Number: Dango.003D1
Application Number: 29/754,200
Patent Pending
M1 Maverick Bifold Wallet
Matter Number: Dango.003D2
Application Number: 29/757,450
Patent Pending

M1 Maverick Bifold Wallet (Spec Ops)
Matter Number: Dango.003D3
Application Number: 29/757,452
Patent Pending

M1 Maverick Single Pocket Wallet 
Matter Number: Dango.005D2
Application Number: 29/729,614
Patent Pending

A10 Adapt Wallet (with Clip)
Matter Number: Dango.006D1
Application Number: 29/754,557
Patent Pending

A10 Adapt Bifold Pen Wallet 
Matter Number: Dango.006D4
Application Number: 29/756,447
Patent Pending

D03 Dapper Bifold Wallet (band on the outside)
Matter Number: Dango.018D1
Application Number: 29/778,414
Patent Pending

D03 Dapper Bifold Wallet (band on the inside)
Matter Number: Dango.018D2\
Application Number: 29/778,434
Patent Pending

D03 Dapper Bifold Wallet (clamshell configuration)
Matter Number: Dango.018D3
Application Number: 29/778,443
Patent Pending

D03 Dapper Bifold Wallet (band, screws and stitching disclaimed)
Matter Number: Dango.018D4
Application Number: 29/778,449
Patent Pending

D-Series and M-series Cross-Hatched Silicone Band
Matter Number: Dango.008T
Serial Number: 90373332

D-Series and T-series Notch
Matter Number: Dango.009T
Serial Number: 90375234

M-Series Notch
Matter Number: Dango.009T2
Serial Number: 90375523

D-Series and T-series Screw Placements
Matter Number: Dango.010T
Serial Number: 90383872

M-Series Screw Placements
Matter Number: Dango.010T2
Serial Number: 90383942

Stylized "Dango" Logo 
Matter Number: Dango.011T
Serial Number: 90354612

"A10 Adapt" (standard character)
Matter Number: Dango.012T
Serial Number: 90354877

Stylized "D" logo 
Matter Number: Dango.013T
Serial Number: 90352543
"D01 Dapper" (standard character)
Matter Number: Dango.014T
Serial Number: 90348731

"D03 Dapper" (standard character)
Matter Number: Dango.014T2
Serial Number: 90570551

"M1 Maverick" (standard character)
Matter Number: Dango.016T
Serial Number: 90384065

"T01 Tactical" (standard character)
Matter Number: Dango.017T
Serial Number: 90348856