D01 Dapper Pen Wallet

D01 Dapper Pen Wallet

October 21, 2019 3 Comments


Ever since the Dango Pioneer series released, Dango has made headlines for offering such a sleek solution to including a pen with a wallet. We feel that it is such a no-brainer; how many times have you scrambled to look for a pen only to be let down by the absence of it, or being handed a pen that has ran out of ink!?

It is obvious that the Dango Dapper Wallets are unique in their super slim CNC machined foundation. We often focus on detailed designs to offer a product that not only works well, but looks great. The Dango Pioneer Wallets on the other hand are made for individuals who often have to jot down ideas or notes - perfect for business and professional individuals or travelers. What we wanted to do was to offer the best of both worlds in a hybrid wallet: Combining the Dango Pioneer experience with sleek look of the Dapper Series. The outcome was an excellent balance!



The Dango D01 Dapper Pen Wallet comes equipped with a high capacity 4 pocket DTEX bifold (holds up to 4 cards per pocket) with one pocket dedicated for a pen. The anodized aluminum chassis and the pockets are held together by mil-spec stainless steel bolts. The D01 Pen Wallet retains a slim & sleek profile while holding its maximum capacity. The Dapper Pen Wallet is elegant and sophisticated but has an industrial edge which sets it apart from other slim wallet designs. Never be without a pad and pen, as ideas and information can get swept away real quick.

  • Hand crafted & made in USA
  • The wallet exterior is made of water resistant DTEX Material 
  • RFID blocking, keeping your information secure  
  • The wallet chassis is made of 6061 aerospace grade
    CNC'd aluminum
  • Built in bottle opener 
  • Mil-spec bolts hold the pockets to the wallet frame
  • TSA compliant 
  • Compatible with MT02 Multi-Tool (sold separately).
  • Holds up to 16 cards 




Pen (included): 

Not only did we want to bring you an awesome wallet, we designed a custom pen to go along with it. We CNC each pen in the USA from 6061 aerospace grade aluminum and anodize each pen to provide a durable finish. For the ink, we use the highly regarded Schmidt 4889M pressurized ink refill allowing you to write in the most difficult situations, always giving you the ability to write your thoughts, ideas and expressions at a moment's notice.

  • Made in USA
  • CNC'd 6061 aerospace grade aluminum 
  • Anodized finish for a long lasting, durable coating
  • Schmidt 4889M black ink refill (Made in Germany).  
    Compatible with Fisher space ink refills as well.  
  • Slotted end, allowing attach points for keyrings, lanyards, etc.  
  • Silicone o-rings for grip 

Notebook (included):
The Dango Notebooks are compact and durable for everyday carry. They are handmade with stitch binding for flexibility and comfort. A natural finish, card-stock cover protects the inner pages. The inner pages absorb ink for instant permanence.

  • Made in USA
  • Each notebook consists of 48 pages 
  • 294 grid dots per page
  • Heavy stock outer cover
  • Compact size for everyday carry
  • Compatible with all P-Series wallets
  • Handmade with red stitch binding

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January 17, 2020

Love the wallet. Pen works great i have never really cared for ballpoint pens though. Just an idea for you guys wallets are pretty high class and same goes for your watches. Maybe consider if you guys are able to make a mini fountain pen that fits in the wallets. It would be pretty awesome.


December 31, 2019

I just got mine and it’s a beautiful piece! The DTEX material, which is is quite light, and the integrated pen, which writes quite well, on the dapper platform were big selling points. Having spent some time using it, I do have one recommendation. In my old wallet, I had a clear plastic face to show my id. Now I have to pull it out. If you made a version with a clear material on the inner flap of the bifold (the flap where you insert the notebook), one could quickly with one hand show ID to the cashier, TSA agent, hotel receptionist, etc., but maintain privacy otherwise. Small tweak, can be sold as a replacement, and would really refine and already refined wallet!


December 09, 2019

How much and where can I get one?

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