Now available in a bundle, This M1 R-Spec will come with a Crimson Red Silicone Band for a color pop, Jet Black M1 Chassis Clip to hold more and equipped with the MT04 Multi-tool for added functions!

Exotic motorsports have always been associated to the “cool & sexy,” ever since the inception of the race car. This common theme flows through our DNA here at Dango products and sets the pace for an accelerated design direction. We wanted to build something that embodies innovative design, sophistication & high performance. We are excited to expand the Dango brand into a faster and more fierce approach to everyday carry products.

Inspired by the fruits of the automotive industry, we developed a very special line of wallets called the R-Spec Edition. It not only incorporates clean lines with contrasting elements and textures, but also includes the finest materials that define high performance. Components such as carbon fiber, aerospace grade 6061 aluminum, resilient high-gloss prismatic powder-coated finishes and bolted top grain leather with accented stitching all combine to give an impression of a plush cockpit. All R-Spec wallets come equipped with a silicone wallet band with its ability to grip and handle content with flexibility and versatility.

M1 Chassis Clip:
The M-Series Chassis Clip is an accessory to all Maverick Wallets, and best for single pocket variants. This accessory helps you to hold cash, more cards and allows you to clip your wallet to your pant pocket, belt or bag strap. In addition, a bottle opener is discreetly designed into the clip so that you will never be short of popping a beverage! Add this to your current M1 or M2 wallet for a fresh new look and added functionality.

To install it, line up the 4 holes on the clip to the holes on the backside of the M1 or M2 wallet chassis, and secure with the provided screws and "L" wrench. The Clip will clear the MT04 Multi-tool. The M-Series Chassis Clip will add about 6mm or .25in of thickness to your existing Maverick Wallet. 

MT04 Multi-Tool:
The MT04 Multi-Tool made of high carbon, heat treated stainless steel. It has over 10 functions that are specifically designed to respond to emergency situations. The functions of the multi-tool include: a seat belt cutter, serrated/sharpened edges, chisel, 2 paracord tensioners, an O2 oxygen wrench, nail pryer, standard 1/4” inch hex wrench, and of course, a bottle opener. The MT04 Multi-Tool slides into the metal cavity of the M1 series wallets, where cards sit on top of and is nested securely onto the safety locks on the chassis.

Bonus Red Wallet Band

Silicone Wallet band used to hold cash and wallet items.

**Compatible with M-Series Wallets.**
** The MT04 Multi-Tool is NOT TSA approved (remove before flight) **

Slim vertical wallet design
Multiple anchor points for tethering
Handcrafted and Made in USA
Designed to hold up to 10 cards 
RFID blocking, keeps your information secure.
Made from 6061 aerospace grade CNC'd aluminum
Prismatic powder coated wallet chassis
Top grain leather with accented stitching
Carbon fiber back plate
Weighs 3 ounces.
Compatible with MT04 Multi-Tool (sold separately).
TSA compliant

Available in:
Red, white, black & cement grey Prismatic powder coating
with carbon fiber back plate

Wallet Specifications:
Card capacity: up to 10 cards
Dimensions: 3"w x 4.25"h x .43"thick
- Genuine leather with accented stitching
- Silicone wallet band
- Powder coated aluminum wallet chassis
- Carbon fiber back plate
- Stainless steel screws
Weight: 3oz

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