Now available in Ultem! Also known as polyetherimide (PEI), Ultem is a transparent high-performance polymer that combines high strength and rigidity at elevated temperatures with long term heat resistance.

The design of the Dango Permanent Marker was derived from our original Dango Pen and Capsule collection. The cap and barrel is CNC Machined out of Ultem, giving the pen a robust and substantial sleeve for grip. The cap is equipped a stainless steel clip and multiple tethering points for hanging. The cap also functions as a box cutter for opening packages and envelopes. The Dango Permanent Marker comes included with a standard fine tip sharpie. 

Instructions: Dango Permanent Markers are included with standard fine tipped Sharpie pens. To install the marker, simply insert the bottom end of the Sharpie pen into the marker sleeve and tightly push downwards so that the Sharpie fully seats into the marker sleeve. Once it is tightly secured, remove the cap of the Sharpie pen, and replace it with the CNC machined Dango Permanent Marker cap. To remove the Sharpie Pen, push the pen out from the bottom of the sleeve through the hole with the pointed tip of the cap or a thin object like a pen or allen wrench. 


- CNC machined out of Ultem
- Stainless Steel Clip
- Machined lanyard holes on the cap
- 1 Sharpie Fine Point Permanent Pen (Black) included
- Overall Dimensions: 6in (152.4mm) L X 0.6in (15.24mm) D
- Weight: 1 ounce 


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